Office furniture must keep up with technological trends, therefore when computer and monitor sizes change, desks must evolve, too. In recent years, CPUs have gotten smaller and computer monitors have gotten bigger. These changes in technology naturally cause a shift in the design of office furniture because there is no longer a need for the desk to provide ample space for large equipment. Instead, more space is needed for a monitor. There has also been an increasing trend in flat screen monitors. Although monitors are now wider than in the past, they are smaller in terms of depth. Other technology trends, such as the advent of multi-purpose machines for printing, faxing and photocopying, also influence office furniture. Previously, there was a need to accommodate three bulky pieces of equipment. Now, consumers can purchase one compact device to serve all three purposes.

Brands like Martin Furniture are taking these trends to heart and designing their furniture to meet the demands of our technological lifestyles.