Whether it’s a personal or commercial office space, the office layout should be functional as well as stylish. The key to maintaining a functional work area is to maximize the available space to its full potential. When it comes to effective space planning there are many furniture options that can provide ample desk space without consuming too much of the room.

An L-shaped desk is an excellent desk design for comfort and convenience. L-shaped desks conserve space, allowing the corner of the room to be utilized in greater capacity. With a computer desk on one side of the L and a flat surface as a workspace on the other; this shape provides the versatility of two desks in one. A corner desk provides similar convenience. However, many consumers are apprehensive about purchasing this type of desk because they believe they will not have as many design options available to them. This is a misconception because corner desks offer most of the features available in other types of desks including built in shelving and lighting, keyboard trays, and storage space. With all of the available design options combined with the compactness of L-shaped and corner desks, you can find one that suits both your style and décor.

A credenza is another great space saving option because it can be used as a desk, writing table, or flat surface to hold equipment. In many cases, a credenza may not be as deep as a traditional desk and therefore will take up less of the room. In cases where space is extremely limited an armoire workstation is a remarkable space saving solution. Computer armoires allow you to close up the cabinet for a neat and clean appearance, while offering a large and spacious swing out work surface when needed. Many armoires are made in beautiful wood finishes that add elegance and style to a room while still providing a practical way to store your computer and accessories. If you use a laptop as your primary computer, laptop armoires are also available. They are great for home offices and feature drop down desk tops and pull-out printer shelves. They come in many different finishes that will match any of your current furnishings.

With all the available space saving furniture that McAleers’ offers, it should be easy to find one to suit your needs. A well planned office will not only make your work more efficient, but it will also allow you to make the most of your office space.