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The Alabama School of Mathematics and Science recently completed it’s Remote Learning Center and Makerspace, one of the few innovation spaces on a school campus in the state of Alabama. The Remote Learning Center can safely accommodate classes of socially distanced students in person. “It also provides upgraded technology for faculty to more effectively record, stream and teach remotely, as if they were in person,” ASMS announced. “The classrooms represent a new, safer space for students to learn, as they are designed with COVID-19 guidelines in mind.”

The school plans to transform the facility into a “Makerspace,” which is a place where people with shared interests, especially in computing or technology, can gather to work on projects while sharing ideas, equipment, and knowledge.  With this variety of activities taking place, often simultaneously, it makes sense to create spaces within the makerspace that accommodate quiet, individual work as well as group work and construction.

McAleer’s was thrilled at the opportunity to help furnish this unique, versatile and exciting space, specifying makerspace furniture from Smith System.  The space features Planner Studio Science tables (which are chemical and flame resistant) in fun colors such as Orange and Apple and matching Groove chairs.  The adaptive urban industrial style allows for crossover application in media centers, active learning spaces, common areas or any space that encourages collaboration and social learning.

The space also features Cascade Mega tables and towers to contain clutter.  Cascade provides a system that corrals raw materials and student projects. It’s flexibility stems from its removable totes, available in a range of sizes that can accommodate an equally wide range of projects.  When the class period is over, Cascade Totes can be securely stored in the Cascade cabinets, freeing up work space for other students.

With it’s brightly colored walls and adaptive furniture, ASMS’s Makerspace will be an stimulating place to learn for many years to come.

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