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Allsteel Stride Panels

Allsteel Stride Panels

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Stride is a furniture collection that is as versatile as you need it to be. Seamlessly integrate worksurfaces, storage, space division, and a wide range of choices within a broad surface materials palette to make a statement about your brand, values, goals, and workstyle.

A flexible kit-of-parts works together throughout the entire office to respond to changing needs, from traditional panel-based workstations to high-performance private offices. Stride offers great design for the environment, for a variety of workers, and for changing business needs. In addition to panels, Stride also offers desking, benching, and storage.

Sit-to-Stand Surface

Sit-to-stand worksurface offers you the best ergonomic benefits, allowing you to adjust the worksurface up and down to accommodate changing postures.

Off-Modular Panels

Rail-based off-modularity allows fluid movement of panels, worksurfaces, and overheads to support the reconfiguration needs of a changing business environment.

Footed Panels

Panels with unique in-line foot design offer light-scale detailing and improve airflow.