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Allsteel Terrace

Allsteel Terrace

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Terrace systems furniture offers flexible space-planning solutions for a variety of design applications and work environments. It provides numerous product choices, considered detailing, and a wide range of fabric and finish options to create a design statement or reflect your company’s values.

Terrace offers more aesthetic differentiation and increased design flexibility – from open, light-scale, collaborative worksettings with lower panel heights to more private spaces with higher panels. With so many options, it’s no wonder Terrace offers the best price-to-performance ratio for planning today’s workspaces.

Footed Panels

Footed panels add to the visual aesthetic while improving air movement within work environments.

Design Details

In addition to footed panels, Terrace features segmented tiles, spanning panel top trim, curvilinear worksurfaces, and frameless glass for aesthetic differentiation across your floorplan.

Glass Screens

Frameless glass screens in two heights provide separation while allowing abundant natural light.