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National Alloy

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Alloy balances the need for personal space with the desire to collaborate.


Alloy benching bridges the gap between offices and open plan by balancing personal space and the need to interact. This lighter scale benching series offers options to meet the demands for seated and standing height workspaces.

Fixed height powered units feature an integrated trough for easy plug and play capabilities and cord management. Add desktop grommets to further expand power, data, and technology management options. With power and data options within arm’s reach, Alloy facilitates a hub of activity within individual work zones.

Alloy benching’s smart design and versatility, along with its ease of specification and value, make it a simple solution for open plan spaces. With height options, configuration possibilities, base color choices, and various electrical solutions, you can tailor Alloy to fit your needs. Add tackable privacy screens to increase separation and provide spaces to pin important documents or personal touches. Alloy’s clean lines and broad options allow it to fit your needs, your users, and your space.



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