Ergonomics has recently become a hot topic. With so many people spending 8 to 9 hours a day working on a computer, having a desk that meets the necessary ergonomic requirements is a must.

The most important factor is the height of the desk. When you’re working at a computer, your monitor needs to be at eye level and the keyboard and mouse should be positioned to minimize the stress on your wrists.  Many manufacturers are now designing desks to meet these requirements.  For example, Strongson Furniture’s Smart Top Desks use ergonomically correct desk heights with higher than normal kneespaces that reduce fatigue.  Many of their desks also feature monitor risers so that your screen is at eye level.

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Another trend that is gaining traction is standing height desks.  Studies have shown that it is healthier for us to sit less and stand more.  These desks allow you to move around and can improve productivity.  Many manufacturers are making adjustable height desks that can be used in the sitting or standing position whenever needed.  If a chair is needed at a standing height desk, an adjustable height stool will give you the option of sitting when necessary.

McAleer’s keeps up with all the latest office furniture trends and can help you find the best ergonomic desk for you.  Don’t continue dealing with aches and pains from your current set up.  Stop by McAleer’s and let us show you how we can improve your workspace and your health!

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