Vinyl has always been a popular choice for chair upholstery due to its cost efficiency and durability.  Because of this, we regularly receive vinyl guest chairs on our used furniture shipments.  So we wondered, how can we upgrade a traditional vinyl chair to match the décor of a contemporary office space?  Our solution:  Vinyl Spray Paint!  There are several out on the market by companies such as Krylon and Rust-oleum.  Apartment therapy did a great test to see which paint worked best.  See the results here!

What you will need:

  • Vinyl spray paint (at least a couple of cans depending on the size of the chair and the color you are painting it)
  • Painter’s tape & plastic

Make sure to cover the areas of the chair you don’t want painted and then start spraying.  That’s it!  You can take a boring office chair and make it look fabulous with just a couple of cans of paint.  Here are some great examples we found.

Mint Green  Hot Pink!  Classic White

We looked through our Used Furniture inventory and found lots of chairs that could use an upgrade.  Imagine how incredible they could look.  Stop by our showroom and pick one…or two…up today! 

Vinyl Chair available in our Used Furniture Showroom  ac48b443bed0bce0dc21cd48c849d08c

Vinyl chair available in our Used Furniture Showroom  This is actually chalk paint, but we think you could accomplish a similar look with spray paint.  thB27F9MUT

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