Sometimes a conference room may be overlooked because it is a secondary workspace, but choosing the right conference room furniture can help with productivity as well as impress your clients.  First, you must consider how the space will be used—interviews, corporate presentations, entertaining clients, internal meetings, etc.  This will help you decide what type of furniture you should incorporate.

A conference room doesn’t have to consist of the traditional long table with chairs; it can be much more versatile.  If your conference room is used for team meetings or brainstorming projects, you may want to consider furniture that allows your employees to congregate and work together, whether planned or impromptu.

If you plan on entertaining clients in your conference room, you may want to go with a more traditional table and comfortable chairs that make your clients feel at home.  Look for chairs that have back support, reclining ability, and armrests.  It is important not to crowd the room, so you don’t want to choose a table that is too large for the space.  Your chairs should fit comfortably around the table with plenty of room for users to push back their chairs when they need to get up.  Another point to consider is whether you are your clients will be using laptops throughout your meeting.  A table with built in power supply or USB connection may be beneficial.


Photos by National Office Furniture

The wall color and lighting in the space is also something to contemplate.  Being in a room with poor lighting or dark walls for extended periods of time can impact performance.  A brightly colored room with good lighting will promote alertness.

Finally, you should consider if you need meeting support furniture such as presentation boards or movable electronic displays.  View from Allsteel is a double-sided mobile storage credenza that features a space for video display on one side and a marker board on the other.  It offers ample storage space for electronics and supplies so that your conference room will stay clean and neat.

By creating an inviting space for conferencing, you can allow for the flow of creativity as well as create a comfortable room to conduct business.