Everyone could use extra storage in the their home or office and we are never short on storage credenzas in our Used Furniture Showroom.  A little love and a fresh coat of paint can make a big impact.  The great thing about credenzas is that they can be used in just about any room of the house!  Here are some examples…

  • Dining room buffet:  Use a credenza to hold plates, trays, food accessories and more.  It is also a great place to set serving dishes instead of overcrowding the table.
  • TV console:  Whether your tv is mounted or you need something to set it on, a credenza would make a perfect console by giving the room a focal point as well as plenty of dvd/game storage.
  • Craft or game room storage:  Hide all of your balls of yarn, scrapbooking accessories, paint supplies or kids’ toys and games in the multiple drawers and cabinet space.
  • Entryway or foyer:  A credenza would be a great place to display pictures and keep your keys.  It would also add style and make a good first impression on your guests.
  • Bedroom console or vanity:  Store you clothes, accessories, makeup and more!
  • A bar!  For those of you who like to imbibe, it could display bottles, glasses, an ice bucket and all the ingredients to your favorite drink.
  • Home Office:  Don’t forget what it was originally intended for!  It is still a great place to keep important documents, office supplies, and your printer.

Think of all the possibilities!  A credenza would make a perfect DIY project for any space.  Visit our Pinterest page for some great tips on painting and refinishing furniture.

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