At McAleer’s, we love decorating for the holidays, especially Halloween.  If you have seen our social media posts then you know we like to go all out.

But decorating for Halloween doesn’t have to be expensive, so we have put together some great DIY decorating ideas for how to make your cubicle or workstation Halloween ready using items that you can most likely find lying around the office.

Where memos go to die…  Some colored paper, scissors and tape are all it takes to make this hungry trash monster.  Fake blood is optional.

This craft project definitely requires a little more time and energy (and maybe an engineering background), but will be sure to impress your coworkers.

Do you ever get the feeling that someone is watching you?  Your neighbor sure will with this fun cubicle monster.

Tired of coworkers stealing your food?  You will definitely get a reaction from this refrigerator prank.  Although at least a basic knowledge of photo editing is needed.

Click Here for a tutorial.

Black plastic never looked so good!  Find a simple trash bag and voila! you have a spooky spider web.

Click Here for a tutorial.

These devilish donuts will be sure make your coworkers’ morning.  Five minutes and some supplies from the dollar store are all you need.

Click Here for a tutorial.

Your office door is the perfect place to display your love of Halloween.  There are tons of great ideas for door decor on our Halloween Pinterest board.

If you are feeling a little batty, this wall of bats is sure to make an impression – and all you need is some black card stock or construction paper!

Click Here for a tutorial.

Happy decorating!  For more great, inexpensive ideas on how to make your cubicle (or office) creepy, visit our Pinterest board.