Regardless of the type of business you are in, you probably have an office, even if it is at home, and one thing that all businesses have in common is the need for storage. Filing cabinets are a must have piece of business office furniture. Owning or working at a business, you know that there are important documents and files that must be kept for reference, tax purposes and the daily functioning of your business. With numerous shapes, styles, and sizes, there are a variety of choices to help customize your filing system.

In order to find the right file for you ask yourself these simple questions so that you can choose the features you find most necessary for your cabinet.

How much space do you have? This will help you decide between vertical or lateral file cabinets.

Do you need the file to be mobile and easily accessible from anywhere in the office? If this is the case, be sure to look for a file with casters so it can be wheeled around.

Are you concerned about the overall well being of your documents? Fireproof filing cabinets provide the perfect solution to keeping your important files safe.

What level of privacy do you desire? You can keep your personal information extra secure with a locking cabinet.

Do you prefer a wood or steel cabinet? Filing cabinets are available in commercial grade steel, wood or laminate with an assortment of available finishes to match any décor.

Filing cabinets are the ultimate way to stay organized for both the home and the office and can be stylish as well as functional. They are essential to every business. McAleer’s has the lowest prices on HON commercial grade files, as well as a great selection of wood and laminate files. For those on a budget we also stock “experienced” files that have been pre-owned. Stop by our showroom or shop online at for details.