Whether you’re one of the growing numbers of consumers deciding to keep cash or other valuables in your home rather than a bank, or a business that needs a secure place to store items like data files and important paperwork, a fireproof file cabinet can be essential in the event of an emergency. You never know when you will be the victim of a house fire or another natural or economic disaster.  Your critical business documents and personal treasures need the protection of a reliable fireproof cabinet.  Everyday metal files may not burn, but they will directly conduct a fire’s heat inside, where your records will ignite.  In a sense, your metal files become incinerators.  According to FireKing research, 59 % of customers who purchase standard steel filing cabinets believe that those files are protecting their records, but everyday files are much easier to break into or damage.  If you are looking to protect your assets, a fireproof file can give you the security you need.

FireKing fireproof file cabinets provide the very highest level of protection from fires, impact damage, theft and even explosions.  They offer a full line of file cabinets to fit every filing requirement, every space constraint, and every budget and have developed the absolute best records protection available on the market.  If your business suffered a fire, could your staff remember or recreate all of the information you have stored in your files?  If your house suffered a natural disaster, could you ever replace the pictures or personal documents you lost?  For securing you valuables and your peace of mind, Fireking files are the best records protection you can buy.


FireKing Turtle files are easily affordable because of their small size.  At a space saving depth of 22”, Turtle files are prefect for small businesses or home offices.  Available in several models, Turtles offer UL 1-hour fire protection with impact, both letter and legal size filing and each is equipped with a standard 4-pin key lock.  McAleer’s also regularly stocks used fireproof filing cabinets including Fireking to help you provide a lifetime of security at a reasonable price.  When an emergency occurs, you will knot that your important documents or valuables are always safe.

Photos by FireKing