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Open Plan Systems Razor

Open Plan Systems Razor

Elevate Your Expectations


What does “Razor System” mean?

Thin base option has just become even sharper!
Open Plan Systems’ Razor System, formerly known as our Thin Base option, gets it’s name from it’s sleek, sharp edges.  With its square connectors, flush base and razor-sharp design, this system is the future of modern offices.

Sharp, Cutting Edge Design

Their sleek Razor System creates a modern designer look at value pricing. Enjoy the flexibility of Razor Tile and Razor Panel options. Combine these options with desking, accessories, storage and seating to create a chic, complete office design. The flush base and square connectors give an upscale design while maintaining a tight budget.

Razor Tiles

Open Plan Systems’ Razor Tiles give you the flexibility to create your desired business setting of today and affordable adapt to modern office furniture trends.  Their Razor Tiles are designed to be fully compatible with our Razor Panels.

They also offer the addition of mid power tile panels.  This gives more flexibility for electronics and data in your work station.  The mid power option has four outlets, one USB port and one data/phone jack.

Razor Panels

Panels range from 32”-107”H and are available as monolithic or segmented, with glass, fabric or marker board stack options. Glass or fabric mullion options can be added to panels for aesthetics or increased privacy.



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