According to the HON Company’s research, office furniture purchases for most small and mid-sized businesses are handled by someone who is inexperienced in selecting furniture. Since most customers don’t have the time to research each piece of furniture, how do you make sure that you or your company are making a smart purchase? Begin by asking yourself the following questions.

What space or spaces am I trying to furnish?
What furniture do I already have?
What is the budget?

These questions will help you get an idea of what you have to work with and help you decide if you need to create a new look for your office, or purchase products that match your existing furniture. Once you have decided what you need to purchase you can begin to consider the following guidelines to help you make the right choice.

Look for versatility. Buy furniture that can be moved and reconfigured easily and can adjust to your needs. This allows you to mix pieces into existing furniture arrangements.

Always buy quality. Material and craftsmanship are very import to consider. Look for pieces made of wood or long lasting veneers so that you will get longevity out of your purchase.

Keep ergonomics in mind. Good ergonomics make an employee feel better and more productive. Buy furniture that allows each employee to make adjustments according to his or her body style.

Make sure you have plenty of storage. Proper storage helps keep employees organized and work flowing more efficiently. Look for pieces that have filing and shelving features.

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By following the guidelines you can make sure that you not only translate your needs into furniture that works for you, but also make a purchase that will last for years to come.