Sleek, industrial and nearly indestructible, the Tanker Desk is beloved for it’s mid-century design and craftsmanship.  It is perfect for a DIY makeover in a bright hue, or to use completely “as-is” for that retro look.

Beginning in 1940s, the Tanker Desk was a staple for commercial office manufacturers.  Made of thick gauge steel with a laminate top, they were built to last and could be found everywhere from schools to government institutions.  Now they are being stylishly re-purposed for use in modern homes and offices.

Tanker Desk
DIY Tanker Desk Makeover

Because the Tanker Desk is constructed of steel, it is easy to paint for a industrial chic look.  Even actress and business woman, Jessica Alba, has a pink Tanker Desk in her offices at The Honest Company.

The Tanker Desk is also stylish in it’s own right and doesn’t really need a makeover!  The right accessories can turn this vintage staple into a modern wonder.

Tanker Desk

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