More Than Your Typical Office Chair

Ah the good old “office chair.” It’s black. It’s boring. It looks like every other chair in your office, not to mention a million other chairs on the market. Too long offices been plagued by standard seating. Whoever said that office chairs had to be characterless? Your office seating should have just as much personality as you do! Here are five chairs to replace your boring office seating.

1. HON Nucleus® Task Chair
This is not your typical high-backed chair, but it will still make you feel like the boss. I love its high back design and two-toned color scheme. It’s still subtle enough that it’s not outlandish, but it still makes a statement. Plus, it’s really comfortable!

2. HON Ignition™ Mid-Back Task Chair
Even if you like the support and look of a standard office chair, your chair doesn’t have to be black! Get a desk chair in a fun color, like the purple one above, to make your chair stand out a little. It still has the classic office look, but it’s a heck of a lot more fun.

3. HON Volt® Task Chair
Same goes for the Volt Task Chair. It has that classic look about it, but an interesting fabric can really set it apart. The great thing about this chair is that it actually comes in a variety of different upholstery options, so even if you want your office to have all matching chairs, you can get them in all different fabrics!

4. HON Ignition™ Mesh-back Guest Chair
You could always go with something like the HON Ignition guest chair. I love it in this lovely red color! I also love that it has wheels on the bottom so it can be moved around. It would be perfect for an open loft type office.

5. HON Flock™ Round Chair
This chair is great for a casual office or as a guest chair. This green is such a lovely springy color and looks amazingly comfortable. This chair is also a perfect choice for a reception or office lounge area.

Which of these chairs would you love to have in your office?

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