chair makeover before


As soon as we saw these cane back chairs, we knew they were the perfect candidates for a chair makeover.

Fun Fact:  The tag on the bottom said that they came from Gayfers!  Oh how we miss Gayfers…

We loved their frames and the seat fabric was in great condition.  They had Shabby Chic written all over them, so we set out to make them look fabulous again, but on a budget of $4 per chair!

We visited the nearest hardware store and picked up two cans of Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch paint and primer in one spray in the shade Solstice Blue.  Each can only cost $3.98!

The rest was fairly simple…

First, we removed the seat from the frame.

chair makeover, spray paint
chair makeover, spray paint

Next, we applied two even coats of paint to each chair.

Once the frames were dry, we reattached the seats and Voila! the transformation was complete!

Chair Makeover After
Chair Makeover After

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