On occasion, we receive Used Furniture slightly damaged.  This chair and it’s mate were one such causality of shipping, so we decided to take our misfortune and make it fabulous!  The matching chair was too damaged to repair, but the frame of this chair was easily fixed with some wood glue.  Although, it was a perfectly fine chair, we decided that it needed some glamour.

But what to do???

Nothing says glamour like gold, diamonds and fur!  Since diamonds were out of the question, we decided gold was the way to go!  We picked up a can of Krylon gold spray paint for $3.85 and some faux fur (yes fur!) from the fabric store.  Since the seat measured 22″ x 17.5″, we figured that we would need about 3/8 of a yard but ended up purchasing a full yard due to the way the fabric was cut.  The cost was $13.59 per yard, but we only used half.

So the total cost to refinish this chair was only $10.65!

Just like our chair makeover last week, first we removed the seat from the frame.


Then we went ahead and gave it a coat of gold spray paint.  Once it dried we went over it once more with a second coat until it was evenly covered.

Finally, we secured the faux fur to the seat using a staple gun and the same method we used on our previous chair makeover.  Just fold one side of the fabric over the seat and secure it tightly.  Then neatly fold the corner and continue stapling as you move around the seat.

We LOVE the final result!  It adds the perfect amount of glamour to this writing desk and would look gorgeous in a chic home office or even as a vanity chair.


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