Unfortunately, summer is over and everyone is heading back to school, including teachers.  Our favorite 8th grade science teacher, Cain Harbin, needed a desk for his new classroom, but wanted something fun that reflected his unique style.  We had the perfect solution!

As we discussed in our previous post, we recently received a shipment of retro Tanker Desks (stylish in their own right!).  We suggested that he makeover one of these desks in a bright color for a whimsical, industrial look.  He took us up on our proposal and let us document his process.

Tanker Desk



First, he removed all of the drawer pulls and set them aside with the screws.  He then taped off the feet and oak laminate top, which he decided to keep as-is.

He then put on two coats of primer which he let it dry overnight before he began on the top coat.  Because his school color is red, he chose a bright red gloss enamel spray paint.  Yes, spray paint!  (See one of our other spray paint projects here)  He also used a spray paint can grip to help prevent finger cramps and get a smooth finish.  The trick is to hold the spray paint at least six inches away from the desk and apply evenly.  It took two coats and a few touch ups, but the desk turned out beautifully.

A couple of cans of paint and a few hours later…Voila!

Stylish and industrial, this Tanker Desk looks amazing in his classroom and would be perfect in any modern home or office.

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