DIY Standing Height Work Surface

We needed a standing height worksurface for our library at the showroom.  Since we have a plethora of used furniture, we decided to repurpose two file cabinets and a spare worksurface top.

We chose three drawer filing cabinets so that the completed unit would be 42″ tall.  We wiped down the file cabinets to remove any debris.  They did not require a primer, but the since the worksurface was glossy, we used a liquid deglosser so that it would take the paint.

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We used simple spray paint in gloss white for the file cabinets and a silver for the top.  They both required several coats of paint.  Once dry, we used a spray polyurethane to seal the worksurface top.  The files did not require a sealer.  The final product turned out great.  It is stylish as well as functional!